How to Secure Your Hacked Betting Account


Check Your Security

Check Your TonyBet Login Security Your password is the first line of defense against hackers and other malicious actors trying to get into your account.

You should make sure it’s strong, combining letters, numbers, and symbols. It’s also wise to make sure you’re using two-factor authentication (or 2FA), which requires you to input a code from an app on your phone and your password.

Change Your Password

You can do a few things to ensure your password is strong.

Use a random assortment of symbols, numbers, and letters. Using capital and lower-case letters, symbols (such as exclamation points), and numbers in your password is essential. 

They make it harder for someone who knows how to hack into the system to guess the actual password. Don’t use personal information such as birthdays or pets’ names.

Make sure all of your passwords are different from each other. If one account is hacked, criminals can access any site where you’ve used that same password (or one similar enough).

This includes basic accounts like Facebook or Gmail, so make sure they have unique passwords too. Most websites allow for easy access with two-factor authentication.

Use Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a software token that provides two-step verification for your account. Every 30 seconds, a fresh code is generated, and you can use it on your mobile phone or any other device.

This suggests that even if your username and password are stolen, they won’t be able to log in unless they have the Google Authenticator app installed on their device.

The best thing about Google Authenticator is that it creates an additional layer of protection for your account without requiring much from you. 

You don’t have to remember new codes or worry about updating them regularly—the app does everything automatically.

Update Your Info

To further protect your account, it’s essential to ensure all of your TonyBet account’s personal information is up to date. This includes:

Changing your email address

Changing your username (if you haven’t already)

Updating the mobile number that’s associated with your account

Updating the phone number that’s associated with your account (if you haven’t already)

Updating the home address that’s associated with your account

Updating the billing address that’s associated with your account (if not already updated)

Contact the Bookmaker Immediately

If you suspect that your betting account has been hacked, the first thing to do is contact the bookmaker with whom you have an account.

Tell them what happened and provide as much information as possible, including screenshots of any suspicious activity on your account.

Bookmakers must investigate all claims of compromised accounts and close them if they find evidence of fraud or theft.

Change your payment methods.

You’ve likely been hacked if you’re using a payment method linked to your bank account. Change that to a different card or service immediately.

If you’re using a debit card, consider switching to an online prepaid card like Payoneer or Gift Card Mall; these are safer because they don’t link directly to your bank account and can be used without going through any financial institutions anywhere in the world.

Skrill and Neteller are both services for sending and receiving payments via email. The former is essentially PayPal for Europe, while the latter is similar but targets European markets specifically (though both can be used globally).

How to Secure Your Hacked Betting Account

Check your TonyBet login security. If there are any issues with your login or password, change it immediately. Update any personal information attached to your account.


Fortunately, the majority of betting websites have a lot of security measures in place to protect their users from hackers.

However, there are always ways for criminals to find an opening and get access to your account. If you keep these ideas in mind when signing up or changing your password, hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid being hacked.

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