Popular Variations Of Dice Games You Can Play

Play Dice Games

Gambling is one of the most accommodative sectors in the entertainment industry. This is because gambling asks you, “why can’t you make money from the  games you can play best?” 

To start betting, right now, you only need a 22Bet NG login. While games like Slots, baccarat, poker, and blackjack enjoy all the popularity, other options exist. 

If you’ve never considered dice games, you’ve been missing out. Just as you gamble on slots and table games, you can also bet on Dice games and earn real money.

Several online Casinos offer Dice betting. Search for these casinos online, sign up and play dice games.

One great thing about Dice is that, like slots, it doesn’t require any special skill. All you need is to roll the Dice and throw your hands up to receive the goodwill of luck.

Dice games are entertaining, fair, and straightforward. Although there are many variations of dice games, let’s look into the three best popular ones to see if they’ll interest you.


Banca Francesa dates back to Portugal hundreds of years ago. Banca Francesa is one of the early dice games that features a round table, a dealer, a tax inspector, and a player. 

Unlike regular Dice games, the dealer rolls the Dice in Banca Francesa. The player only watches as the outcome unfolds. The taxman collects and gives out betting chips and handles l the money used on the table.

The dealer picks three dice, usually green, red, and blue colored Dice, and rolls them without any external influences; the outcome of the dice determines whether you win the bet.


Chuck-a-Luck is another popular variant of dice games. It is quite similar to how Sic Bo is played. The player explores different possibilities (5 basic bet options) by rolling three dice.  

  • Single Number (10 to 1)
  • Field Bet (1 to 1)
  • Over 10 (High) (1 to 1)
  • Under 11 (Low) (1 to 1)
  • Triple (30 to 1)

The first thing you must do in chuck-a-luck is place your bets. Next, you roll the Dice, and when the outcome of the Dice comes in your favor, you win the bet; else, you forfeit your bet and play again if you want.


If you’ve played craps before, then Hazard should be very easy. Craps are a variant of Hazard. Unlike Chuck-a-Luck and Banca Francesa, Hazard only uses two Dice and is played by multiple gamblers.

In instances where there are multiple players, the choice of who to start the game is determined from an initial Dice roll. First, the caster of the Dice, also known as the shooter, creates the main points. The main points are usually numbers between  5 and 9. Then, the player throws the Dice and aims for these points. Many times, reaching the main points could require several Dice throws. 


Dice games are stimulating to play. It doesn’t require skill, as players rely on luck to win. Many online and land-based casinos have dice game offerings where you can play different games.

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