3 Important Roulette Tips You Should Know About OnlineTable

Important Roulette Tips

No wonder roulette is the most popular casino table game. There is also a lot of roulette played online, large amounts can be won and (unfortunately) also lost. Roulette is a game of chance. This means that you have no influence on the outcome of the ball. Nevertheless, there are simple roulette tips you should know and apply to make playing roulette more fun, easier and (hopefully) more profitable. Below are three important roulette tips you should know before you sit down at the (online) roulette table again.

Looking for a roulette casino tip to increase your chances of winning roulette? We’ll give you a collection of simple but effective tips in 5 points. If you know the basics of casino roulette, you’ll have no problem using each roulette winning tip to your advantage… If a player is new to roulette, this overview will come in handy to start playing correctly in order to increase the chances of winning the roulette game.  An important thing to remember: Roulette is a game of chance, and as such, it depends on luck. In addition, the advantage varies depending on the roulette variant, American or European.

Favor the European variant

You’ll see that these techniques are obvious, but we know that it’s hard to take a step back when you’re playing roulette at online casinos. So, here’s our first online roulette tip that will make a big difference!

If you go to the French land-based casinos, you will see that the only two variants of roulette that will be offered to you are the following: the English roulette and the French roulette, European Union obliges…

However, this is not the case at online casinos. Of course, you will get both of these options, which are must-haves, but you can even travel to Uncle Sam’s country to meet the American roulette variants. Although this variant is entertaining, avoid it at all costs. Why not? Well, because the house edge on this variant is simply indecent… You’re twice as likely to win on the European roulette variants because they pay more and only have one zero.

This may seem obvious to most people, but if you don’t already know, remember never play American roulette. Better choose the European version.

To understand why you should only play the European version, let’s take a closer look at the roulette wheel. The only difference between European and American roulette is the order of the numbers on the playing wheel. American roulette has an extra division or in plain language, a second extra green slot with a double zero. Oddly enough, the two versions of the game have the same payout, which means that you will get 1 in 35 chances every time you guess the right number. There is as much on the American roulette wheel as there is on the European roulette wheel. The fact that the European Roulette wheel has 37 slots means that you have a 1 in 37 chance to win each time you bet on one number.

That said, all European roulette games give you the same odds of winning – so there are no particular roulette games that give significantly better odds. All odds are considerably worse if you choose American Roulette, because the extra green slot gives 1 chance in 38 for every bet with the same number. Considering that both roulette options offer the same payout, the outcome of the game is obvious. It is better to play European roulette.

Bet on the Simple Odds

Bet on the Simple Odds

Let’s start with a quick reminder of what simple odds are. It’s betting on colours, an even or odd number. By favouring this type of bet, you will be able to decrease the house edge on your potential winnings.

The house percentage can go down to 1.35%. You’ll find that the game will be much more attractive to you knowing that your winnings will be shared between the casino, and yourself. The lower the house edge, the bigger your winnings! So, remember to use this casino roulette tip without moderation…

Forget about martingales for other tips

Let’s face it, martingales are the easiest strategies to understand in any casino game. Logically, you’ll be able to keep up more easily than with other more mathematically advanced strategies.

However, when it comes to roulette, we have to warn you, because online casinos make sure to offer low bet thresholds to prevent you from abusing martingales too much. Also, using martingale to win more is far from being a guarantee, and could even lead to your loss…

Manage your budget carefully

Our final casino roulette tip will seem like a no-brainer, but few roulette enthusiasts ever think to implement it. It’s all about setting a limit on how much you can spend. So, before you even start your entertainment session, remember to set a limit on how much you can lose.

Be careful, this amount should not be too restrictive: the main goal is indeed to have fun and you would be frustrated by a gambling session.

Don’t play roulette if you don’t know the rules of the game

You will be amazed at how many people enthusiastically start playing roulette without having any idea what they are actually doing. Roulette is an incredibly simple game, but if you don’t even know the basic rules, it becomes quite difficult. Every casino has staff that will be happy to explain how roulette works and how you can play along. In an online casino you have the opportunity to play for free. There you can play roulette with fictitious money for hours until you master the game.

Make it easy for yourself and choose a roulette strategy

Do not be afraid. Applying a roulette strategy is not as difficult as it sounds. Incidentally, it does not offer a particularly high chance of winning, but it does provide security and guidance. By the way, you should always use the respective bonus; a good example is the Unibet bonus. In any case, it is better to apply a roulette strategy than to bet haphazardly. 

Stick to pre-set limits

Stick to pre-set limits

The reason most roulette players lose is because they can’t stop. Sure, the game is great fun and the adrenaline rush you feel when you make another good bet is literally priceless. But if your goal is to end your roulette session profitably or with as little loss as possible, you need to be strict with yourself. The casino advantage in roulette is only a few percent in favor of the casino. Moreover, an (online) casino usually has more money than you do and can therefore take much longer for this reason.

Practice free games

It is not easy to accept losing money when you are a beginner on the roulette tables, and you do not yet master the rules of the game. Indeed, this often leads to a great deal of frustration among players since mistakes are inevitable. Our next casino roulette tip is to search the net for free games to practice and train without losing a cent. This is the ideal way to learn the rules and identify the most effective strategies. You’re in luck, our casino games site offers a completely free games area that is accessible without registration or download, and 100% unlimited!

It’s a little different with online roulette, because one or even 100 spins won’t provide any important information about the other players at the table or the fairness of their play. However, this does not mean that you should immediately bet all your money on a game where you don’t have enough experience.

The best way to learn how to play and win at roulette online is to start by playing for free. If you’re just starting out in online casino gaming and are looking for ways to win at online roulette, it’s safer to start with minimum credits and move to minimum wage games. Otherwise, if you feel more confident and have a proven record of positive results and ROI) at roulette, there are some really interesting games for high rollers that can make you a champion.

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